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FootGalaxy High Quality Round Laces For Boots And Shoes

FootGalaxy High Quality Round Laces For Boots And Shoes
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FootGalaxy High Quality Round Laces For Boots And Shoes



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With dozens of colors and team colors available, these laces are excellent for shoes or boots. We carry a wide variety of lengths (27",36",40",45",54",63",72") to fit most any footwear. These high quality laces have become the industry standard for over 80 years. FootGalaxy laces are made in the U.S.A. and we offer a high-quality product. These laces are sold in pairs. FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $50.

Our Price: $6.49 - $8.49


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  • Made in USA

  • Manufactured in Hickory, NC

  • Support American Jobs--Buy Foot Galaxy Shoe Laces!

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 346 customer reviews )
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66 of 68 found the following review helpful:

5Excellent, tough laces  May 08, 2008 By W. Miskelly "tough on shoe laces"
I recently purchased a pair of dress shoes that tends to be tough on laces. By that I mean that the laces that came with the shoes were quickly frayed by the friction of passing through they eyes, and broke within a few weeks. I tried to purchase some laces locally, but they too quickly frayed. I decided to purchase these laces - 8 pairs, in fact, to make sure I'd have a plenty of replacements as they too shredded. Big mistake. These laces look good and are top quality. 1 pair of laces will likely last longer than the shoes. No signs of wear at all. Wish the shoe manufacturer would have used these laces in the first place. Certainly would have saved me several shopping trips.

These laces are thicker than what you normally see in dress shoes, but I don't find that they in any way detract from the appearance of my shoes. Most importantly, they're very tough and strong. I no longer worry about too quickly and firmly tightening my laces - these will take any abuse I throw at them and not flinch. If I lose the extra laces I purchased and someday find myself in need of replacement laces, I can only hope to be fortunate enough to again find these laces available for sale on Amazon.

62 of 66 found the following review helpful:

3Not Oxford/formal  Dec 12, 2010 By Keeper™
Based on the reviews and looks from pictures I ordered few pairs in black. Unfortunately these are boot or casual wear laces and NOT fit to be called, at best, the formal or oxford looks. But I am keeping them for my other casual wear boots and as it seems I will run out of boots but these will last longer than shoes itself.

These are much thicker and seem pretty strong. Another good part about them is that they dont get loose as much as others do, specifically the formal/thin ones do. I do like them but wish I could use them for formal wear which I can not.

My disclaimer, as business requirements and my personal choice, I am little particular about small details that may depend case to case basis but thought one should know before ordering - as my 2c and humble opinion. Hope this helps


11 of 11 found the following review helpful:

5Excellent laces. They stay tied.  Oct 25, 2010 By Roast Pork
Generally, the laces that come with man's casual shoes are some slippery synthetic that comes loose or untied on its own several times a day. In the past, I have usually gone with cotton replacements. Not so durable, but they stay tied. These laces are great. I don't know what they are made of, but they do stay tied all day, and they don't snag on the rough skin of my hands like cotton. I've used them for maybe a month, and they show no signs or wear or fraying.

7 of 7 found the following review helpful:

4Shoe laces just right  Apr 06, 2010 By Nancy E. Goren
I was looking for plain round sturdy shoe laces. I never imagined so many choices were available from FootGalaxy. I found just the ones I was looking for in plain white. I only wish there were more choices in local stores because paying $5.50 to put shoe laces in an envelope to send by USPS seems excessive, three times the cost of the laces themselves.

17 of 22 found the following review helpful:

5Excellent Shoelaces For Any Occasion  Apr 13, 2010 By Robert I. Hedges
FootGalaxy offers a variety of shoelace styles to fulfill all your shoe-tying needs. These round laces are my favorite shoelaces in the world: they are extremely well made, have extraordinarily tough aglets, and are very reasonably priced. These laces seem slightly larger in diameter than typical laces, and are almost assuredly better than the laces that come with a new pair of shoes. Even though flat laces generally stay more securely tied than round laces in my experience, these round laces exhibit no tendency to come untied without provocation. (If you want flat laces, FootGalaxy also makes those, though I have not personally used them.) These laces always have always outlasted the shoes I have put them in.

The laces are very reasonably priced, but shipping a single pair is pricey; I recommend buying a few pairs at the same time to save on shipping charges. The people at FootGalaxy have come up with a wide variety of colors for you to try, so feel free to experiment.

I highly recommend these shoelaces.

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