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Combo Pack: Superfeet Green Insoles and Dickies

Combo Pack: Superfeet Green Insoles and Dickies
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Combo Pack: Superfeet Green Insoles and Dickies



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Designed primarily for footwear with a removable insole, Superfeet GREEN provides maximum support and shock absorption. At the same time, enjoy a pair of Dickies socks to go with these famous insoles.

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Product Details
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  • Maximum Shock Absorption

  • Ideal for Medium to High arch shaped feet

  • Recommended footwear: Ski, Snowboarding, Run, Hike, and Walking.

  • Also includes a pair of style 8049 White Heavy Cushion Crew Dickies Socks

Customer Reviews
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

5Nice combination with Merrell shoes  Dec 28, 2010 By Dr. Stuart Gitlow
I really like my Merrell shoes and have several pair. However they don't have quite enough arch support. When I went into the San Francisco Merrell store to ask if they had arch supports, they showed me their Superfeet display. Evidently, I'm not the only one who thinks Merrells need a little more arch. The price in the store was high so I turned to Amazon and found this listing, saving a few bucks and getting a free pair of socks. The process is straightforward - remove the insert from your shoes and place them against the Superfeet inserts. Draw a line so as to cut the Superfeet inserts to fit properly. They cut easily and without difficulty using a scissors or Xacto knife. While you can easily move the inserts among your shoes, if they're all exactly the same size, this isn't possible between brands. A size 8 Merrell is different from a similarly sized Nike, for example.

You'll also find that moving the inserts among your shoes is a pain in the neck. Ultimately, you may wish to purchase a few sets of Superfeet for your regularly used shoes.

Now, more importantly, how do they feel? Different. At first, I felt that the arch was in the wrong place, but the store advisor had told me that I'd feel that way at first until I got used to the insert. He also told me to start slowly, using the inserts for only a short period of time. This wasn't really necessary - I'm not doing this because of foot pain, but rather simply for added comfort and for the feeling that my feet are landing in the right place rather than pronating. I find these inserts both comfortable and pleasant to use on a daily basis. The cushioning is about right and the adjustment in fit is insignificant - if your shoes fit before, they'll fit with the insert. An added bonus is that they can extend the life of your shoes if you find, as I often do, that the interior of your shoes wear out before the exterior.

It may feel silly spending this much for shoes, some of which don't cost much more than these inserts. Your feet will thank you, however, and if price is really important, you can use these among a number of different shoes if you don't mind playing with shoe inserts each day.

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