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Out of stock

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Average Customer Rating: based on 202 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 202 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

31 of 34 found the following review helpful:

5Does what it's suppsoed to do  May 28, 2012 By M. Adelsberger
Normally I don't bother writing reviews; I probably should, but I'm lazy. Still, I felt the need to help average out the guy who thinks it's a 1-star product because he's not familiar with solid shoe polish. A simple web search like "how to polish shoes" would've set him straight; he'd not have found his money wasted and he'd be aware that the polish is actually quite good.

This stuff is not difficult to use. Soft cloth or sponge to apply, horsehair brush, then buff with a shine cloth. I do a few pair of shoes at a time, first applying polish to each (leaving time for the polish to set in the first pair as I work on the next, etc.); then going back and brushing each, then buff each. It takes some time to do right, but if you take the time you can get better results than most professional shoe-shine stands will do. It can be a little messy, and buffing is easier if you have a shine butler to keep the shoe still.

11 of 12 found the following review helpful:

5The best way to polish your shoes!  Mar 22, 2012 By JJCEO
I use this KIWI black polish and it does a great job on my dress shoes. You just apply it with a soft rag or sponge and the brush it vigorously with a horse hair bristle shoe brush. If you want a glossy shine then hit it with a clean soft cloth and a little water. The nice thing about this KIWI wax is that it will cover up the scuffs on your shoes and after you wax them a few times, water just beads up on them.

When they get a little dull you can sometimes just brush them and bring back the shine. I keep one brush for black shoes and one for brown just for that purpose. The residual wax/polish on the brush does wonders for a quick touch up shine!

15 of 18 found the following review helpful:

1"What's happened to Kiwi"? from an old(er) Marine  Jul 09, 2013 By ColonelDad "ColonelDad"
Looking at the reviews, it doesn't look like anybody else is having the problems with Kiwi that I have been having increasingly over the last couple years. Seriously, it's been getting worse. I've been shining shoes since 1975, almost always with Kiwi. (I used some Allen Edmonds stuff for awhile on their shoes.) Kiwi seems to dry out in the can QUICK these days. I buy cans new, and within 2-3 months or pretty regular use (at least once a week), I'm not even halfway through the can and its dried up. Yes, yes, yes, I put the lid on it, all the way on it, squeeze it tight - I've been making a specific effort to do that lately because it costs me $4 or whatever to replace a dried tin.

Today (the reason I'm posting this), I went in my little shoebox and the tin of brown polish which I used to shine my brown loafers two days ago ... the lid had popped off. What the heck? I can guarantee you I squeezed that thing good and firm and saw that it was sealed. I don't know if the lids are smaller than they used to be (Kiwi saving a little money by making the "overlap lip" on the cans smaller.) Or the stuff is exuding some vapor that forces the top off the tin ... I have no idea.

If nobody else is having this problem, then I guess its just bad Kiwi karma or something. But it's definitely becoming a more pronounced problem over the recent past. (Yes, when I buy the stuff, it's in good condition, not dry, I'm not buying Kiwi out of some back closet. I have been buying Kiwi retail so I know what condition the polish is in before I buy it.)

I guess I'm looking for a dialog here. Nobody else is having this problem? Anybody else been shining shoes with Kiwi since 1975 that might have some perspective on if/how Kiwi has changed?

7 of 8 found the following review helpful:

5This stuff is classic  Dec 21, 2012 By Amy Kennedy "A. Kennedy"
If you have some beat-up leather shoes and are thinking about getting a new pair of shoes, think again and get some kiwi to fix them up. I had some work shoes that were looking just awful. My cats had scratched them and the heal had hit against cement stairs. I really thought I would need a new pair of shoes. I thought I'd give this stuff a try and within 10 minutes, I had two 'new' looking pairs of shoes.

7 of 9 found the following review helpful:

2Horrible Container  Jan 04, 2013 By salyander
The cheap metal tin this comes in bends when you open it. Imagine yourself with the bottom of the tin in one hand and the top in the other and no way to keep them together.

Be careful opening this product. flecks of polish can fall out and land on pants/carpet etc and stain.

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